John Gowie

Notes & Musings

These are personal notes, reminders excerpts and opinions regarding Azure and how it fits into the DevOps context. These pages are collated for my personal development (notably professional certifications) and is largely the work of others.

 Please note: I have tried to reference the author where they are easily identifiable. (I have not done so where there are reproductions of publicly available product documentation).

All businesses are digital businesses. Some of them just don't know it yet.

Nitin Rakesh


Considerations for building solutions that can address orders of magnitude increases in complexity and rate of change

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A manifestation of creating dynamic, learning organisations that continually reinforce high-trust cultural norms.

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Identity - Embrace identity as primary security perimeter and protect identity systems, admins and credentials as top priorities

Apps & Data - Aligns security investments with business priorities including identifying and securing communications, data and applications

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How To

A series of articles that detail implementation steps for complex deployment scenarios

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