continual learning              the third way

enable & inject learning into daily work
  • establish a just learning culture
  • schedule blameless retrospectives
  • publish retrospectives widely
  • decrease incident tolerances to find ever-weaker failure signals
  • redefine failure & encourage calculated risk-taking
  • inject production failures to enable resilience & learning
  • institute game days to rehearse failures
convert local discoveries into global improvements
  • use chat rooms & bots to automate & capture organisational knowledge
  • automate standardized processes in software for re-use
  • single-shared source-code repository
  • spread knowledge by using automated tests as documentation
  • design for ops by codified non-functional requirements
  • ensure technology choices help achieve organizational goals
reserve time to create organisational learning & improvement
  • institutionalize rituals to pay down technical debt
  • enable everyone to teach & learn
  • share experiences from conferences
  • create internal consulting & coach to spread practices